VENSA Community

VENSA is a community designed to support new graduates during their critical transition from school to becoming productive and confident general practitioners. The community includes:


Boot Camp
  • Live Medical Training Sessions
  • Mentoring
  • Case Files
  • Communication Training 


60-Day In-Depth Training

  • Surgery
  • Emergency
  • Anesthesia

Network Opportunities 

  • Educator Office Hours
  • Student Interaction
  • Group-Led Discussion on Current Topics 



Alumni Resource Center (ARC) 

  • Training Video Libraries
  • Access to Recorded Lectures
  • Specialist Consults



Career Advocacy 

  • Building Client Loyalty
  • Embracing Euthanasia and Hospice care
  • Developing a work life balance





  • EDUCATION (2022-2023)
    • Boot Camp: A 7-month virtual core curriculum boot camp covers a focused review of general practice medicine and emergency care for the GP, Understanding of the Diagnostic Process, Implementing workflow, Communicating with the client, Understanding the financial impact of care, Educating the client to make an educated decision, and Knowing when to get specialty involved
    • Advanced Emergency Skills: An 8-Week Program focused on the stabilization of the Critical Patient, Emergency Diagnostics, The Ins and Out of Fluid Therapy, Advanced Stabilization Drugs and Fluids,  Teaching the Client, and Understanding the Referral
    • Basic Orthopedics: An 8-Week Program discussing the important of the Orthopedic Exam, Diagnostics of the Orthopedic Patient, Pharmacy Options for the Orthopedic Patient, Bandaging, Teaching the Client and Setting Expectations, Understanding the Referral

    • Advanced Anesthetic Skills:  An 8-Week Program discussing the Pre-Surgical Exam for the Team, Pre-Surgical Diagnostics, an Overview of Anesthesia, Basic Surgical Procedures, Recovery,  Pain Management, Discussing Common Complications, and Teaching the Client and Setting Expectations

  • Network Interactions: 

    • ROUNDS
      • Case Rounds – Ortho, Neuro, Surgical, Medicine
      • Mortality / Morbidity Rounds
      • Journal Club
    • Group Led Discussions
      •  Client Communications


        Team Building
      • Current Topics in Vet Med
    • Interactive Case Sessions
    • Direct Interactions with other Colleagues – Instant Feedback from Support
    • Helping Clients Handle Grief – Euthanasia Process
  • Support:
    • Training Video Libraries
    • Access to Recorded Lectures
    • Consults – Instructors
    • Medical / Surgical Case Consults
      • Internal Medicine
      • Cardiology
      • Anesthesia
      • Critical Care
    • One on One Technical Training
      • Surgery
      • Ultrasound
      • Endoscopy
  • Advocacy:

    • Building Client Loyalty
    • Embracing Euthanasia and Hospice Care
    • Understanding and Handling Student Debt
    • CounselingDiscussing Work Life Balance