VENSA supports students during their critical transition from school to work

VENSA is an immersive educational community providing new veterinary graduates the tools they need to step into success as practicing clinicians—while working full time.

  • Training Challenge I: Trial by Fire

    In a litigious and demanding society “trial by fire” is not an acceptable way for new graduates to begin their careers as practicing veterinarians.

  • Training Challenge II: The Art of General Practice

    With the rise of specialty care in private practice, the new graduate is taught that they cannot make decisions without a thorough evaluation by a boarded veterinarian.

  • Training Challenge III: Mentorship

    Continuing education and mentoring resources for new graduates are extremely rare to non-existent.

VENSA Provides Solutions to These Training Challenges

VENSA includes an immersive 7-month bootcamp and formal mentoring programs for new graduates with 0-3 years of experience. The goal of VENSA is to teach new graduates the art of general veterinary practice and to quickly create confident, productive veterinarians.